Sewage and 
Water Intrusion 
Health Testing​

Fixing a Pipe

Upon completion of the cleanup activities, Higgins recommends a post cleaning evaluation that includes checking the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection processes by the restoration contractor and sampling for certain bacteria and other microbial contaminants. ANSI/IICRC S500, Chapter 3 - Health Effects from Indoor Exposure to Microbial Contamination in Water Damaged Buildings recommends a final inspection and post-cleaning/disinfecting sampling to verify restoration and remediation effectiveness in the areas affected by the contamination.

Higgins offers the following services:

  • Conduct initial site evaluation, hazard assessment, and set up sampling plan.

  • ATP sanitation monitoring to provide objective, actionable, and traceable test results.

  • Environmental infection control contractor oversight during remediation activities.

  • Collect post remediation samples (surface and bulk post cleaning and disinfection).

  • Interpretation of field sampling and lab analytical results & preparation of a written report.

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