EHS Consulting Services

Environmental Health & EHS Consulting

  • Indoor air quality testing

  • Industrial hygiene

  • Environmental health

  • Industrial & construction safety

  • OSHA program compliance

  • Mold, asbestos, and lead testing

  • EHS program development

  • EHS management systems software

EHS Consulting for Healthcare

  • Indoor air quality assessments

  • Industrial hygiene

  • Environmental health assessments

  • Microbiological water and air testing

  • HVAC system IC sampling

  • Environmental infection control 

  • Pharmaceutical USP 797 testing

  • Hospital OR infection control testing

COVID-19 EHS Services

  • Hospital and healthcare facility infection control consulting

  • ATP (adenosine triphosphate) surface testing

  • Cleaning verification and oversight

  • Indoor air quality testing

Environmental Investigations & Remediation​​

  • Site characterization

  • Cleanup goal determinations

  • Remedial design

  • System construction and oversight

  • System operations & maintenance

  • Storage tank closure

EHS for Property Transactions & Redevelopment​

  • Phase I environmental site assessments

  • Phase II investigations

  • Business risk evaluations

  • Remediation cost estimates

  • Litigation and regulatory support

SPCC and Stormwater Regulatory Compliance​

  • SPCC plans

  • Stormwater pollution prevention

  • Compliance audits


Looking for an EHS-related consulting service that isn’t listed here? Please contact us. We may be able to provide additional services not mentioned on this list. If not, we should be able to assist you in finding a contractor that can provide those services.

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