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Environmental Infection Control During Demolition and Construction​

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In recent years, the healthcare patient population has become more immunosuppressed, making environmental infection control more critical. Technical issues regarding air handling, construction, demolition, water supply, pest control and medical waste management requires collaboration with infection control practitioners, industrial hygienists, facility engineers, architects, external consultants and contractors. 


Higgins can assist in the following areas during demolition and construction events:​

  • Conduct a contingency plan survey prior to demolition and construction events.

  • Design and monitoring of EIC containment systems and negative air placement.

  • Environmental sampling and protocols (particulate and bioaerosols).

  • Develop infection control risk assessments (ICRA) and ICRA construction permits.

  • EIC training and oversight of healthcare workers and construction contractors.

  • Periodic inspections and EIC audits during demolition and construction events.

  • Airborne-particle sampling (effectiveness of air filtration and dust-control measures).

  • TSP sampling to provide onsite analysis of environmental surfaces after cleaning and disinfection.

  • Developing an interim life safety measures and life safety risk assessments.

  • EIC audits during preventative maintenance (PM) procedures and review of PM protocols.

  • EIC air monitoring during recovery of water-system disruptions, water leaks, and natural disasters.

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