Environmental Investigations & Remediation


The Higgins EHS consulting team provides a wide range of environmental assessment and remediation services for clients in multiple industries. These industries include oil and gas companies, retail petroleum, upstream petroleum, and industrial facilities. Higgins specializes in the following services:

Site Characterization


Higgins' experienced staff has performed hundreds of subsurface investigations for soil and/or groundwater impacts across the United States at facilities such as gas stations, bulk fuel terminals, dry cleaners, oil and gas production sites, heavy industrial sites, etc. The scope of each investigation varies based on the geology and hydrogeology, the site’s potential contaminant type, and environmental regulations. Higgins has experience with multiple assessment technologies, allowing us to bring the correct assets to evaluate the site. The appropriate scope may range from limited sampling to extensive investigations involving geophysical methods, vapor points, wells, and/or test pits.

Cleanup Goal Determinations

The cleanup of environmental impacts can be very costly. The most critical element of any cleanup project is determining the closure requirements. These requirements are typically based on the level of risk posed by the contaminants to human health and the environment. However, not all sites require cleanup to the same degree. For example, industrial and commercial properties normally don't require cleanup to the same standard as residential properties. Higgins has significant experience helping clients negotiate cleanup requirements with regulatory  agencies. This process usually depends on determining which receptors (if any) may be affected by contaminants originating from the client’s property.

The cleanup goal is crucial to determining the appropriate technologies and processes needed to meet cleanup objectives. Without an understanding of the cleanup goals, the technology or methodology may be flawed, resulting in higher costs, midstream changes in cleanup approach, and increased cleanup timeframes. With the end goal being established early, along with a thorough knowledge of the geology, hydrogeology, and distribution of impacts, the most effective approach can be implemented by our team of EHS consultants, often saving time and money.

Remedial Design

Higgins develops remedial designs that provide cost effective, practical, and timely solutions. Our designs benefit  from years of field experience, ensuring that systems can be maintained with minimal resources. Our experienced EHS project managers and technicians carefully design every protocol and component to ensure that these remediation systems can be efficiently implemented and sustained. Higgins provides our clients with innovative technologies to achieve cleanup goals for petroleum and other chemical releases. Our approach to environmental engineering also includes reliable, ongoing technical support throughout all phases of the project.

System Construction and Oversight

Higgins manages experienced contractor teams to install remediation systems. Installation plans are designed and scheduled to minimize the impact to the site’s  business operations. Our goal is to keep business flowing whenever possible. Higgins performs regulatory permitting, offsite access agreements, health and safety plans, traffic control plans, senior technical support, system documentation, start-up reports, and regulatory reporting up throughout the project.

System Operations and Maintenance

Higgins’ senior staff continually evaluates operational data collected by our field technicians in order to maximize system performance. Shorter cleanup times are achieved when systems are frequently adjusted based on the evaluation of the contaminant reduction rate. At Higgins, our job is not done when the remedial system is started. We strive to make the remedial timeframe as short as possible via ongoing optimization of system performance.

Storage Tank Closure

As storage tanks become old or damaged, they frequently need to be removed or abandoned in-place. It is essential that this process be carried out correctly to avoid potential environmental impacts, which can result in costly fines. Higgins has conducted hundreds of storage tank closures and will provide turn-key services. Higgins' storage tank closure services include all phases, from permitting and notifications through to removal, documentation, and reporting to regulatory agencies. We are a full-service shop for storage tank closures.