Indoor Air Quality for Healthcare Facilities​

Higgins’ experienced industrial hygienists are available to assist with potential indoor air quality problems, providing effective solutions following Environmental Protection Agency and ANSI/ASHRAE guidelines. We offer guidance and practical solutions to health problems associated with indoor air quality issues in industry, healthcare and construction.​

  • Controlled environment testing (LAFW, CAIs, PE, cleanrooms, operating rooms and ante-rooms).

  • Pharmaceutical compounding and sterile preparations air testing
    (USP <797>).

  • Environmental dust and discrete particulates sampling (construction, demolition, etc.)

  • Bioaerosols (culturable and non-culturable) and 8-panel array allergens sampling.

  • Aldehydes, heavy metals, welding fumes and other VOC air sampling

  • HVAC/air handling unit /fan coil/maintenance protocol infection control reviews.

  • NO2, SO2, airborne lead testing, radon, nitrous oxide and halogenated agents.

  • Medical gases ambient air sampling, radon testing and water sampling.

  • Welding/brazing fumes, diesel exhaust, asphalt air emissions.

  • Surface microbial contamination sampling (via: ATP, RODAC, tape lifts, swabs, etc.)

  • Pesticides and semi-volatile organics air sampling.

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