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Indoor Air Quality


Higgins’ experienced industrial hygienists are available to assist with potential indoor air quality problems, providing effective solutions following Environmental Protection Agency and ANSI/ASHRAE  guidelines.  We offer guidance and practical solutions to health problems associated with indoor air quality issues in industry, healthcare, and construction.


  • Controlled Environment Testing (LAFW, CAIs, PE, clean rooms, operating rooms, ante-rooms)

  • Pharmaceutical Compounding & Sterile Preparations Air Testing (USP <797>)

  • Environmental Dust and Discrete Particulates Sampling (construction, demolition)

  • Bioaerosols (culturable & non-culturable) and 8-Panel Array Allergens Sampling

  • Aldehydes, Heavy Metals, Welding Fumes, and other VOC Air Sampling

  • HVAC/Air Handling Unit, Fan Coil Maintenance Protocol Infection Control Reviews

  • NO2, SO2, Airborne Lead Testing, Radon, Nitrous Oxide, Halogenated Agents

  • Medical Gases Ambient Air Sampling, Radon Testing & Water Sampling

  • Welding / Brazing Fumes, Diesel Exhaust, Asphalt Air Emissions

  • Surface Microbial Contamination Sampling (via: ATP, RODAC, tape lifts, swabs, etc.)

  • Pesticides and Semi-volatile Organics Air Sampling

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